Violet + Faline | Child Portraits | Pleasant Hill, IA Photographer

Alright. Brace yourself for some serious cuteness. These girls are just too adorable!

After having to reschedule three times, due to some crazy-wet and stormy weather here in Iowa, we finally were able to get a nice day to go out and do some photos! It was so great to see these girls and their mama again (I used to see them every week at a story time that our family's bookstore had) and capture some of their sweet little girlhood. I hope you enjoy this glimpse at some of our day together. :)

  Someone turned three!

 The expressions of a baby are really hard to beat.

Special guest appearance here from Blackie the cat....

I thought it was so sweet that this little pink dress she's wearing was one of her mother's from when she was a baby. That made these pictures so much more special!

The busy fingers of a three year old....

Oh. My. That look just makes me melt.

A beautiful day, beautiful people, and it all came together ... beautifully. :)

Thanks for enjoying it with me!


  1. Such beautiful moments captured with your keen eye and camera!

  2. Beautiful Sadie! Thank you for telling me about your sight! May God bless your talents and help you to use them for His honor and glory as I know that is your goal!


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