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I had a request a while back to post some of Erin and Daniel's engagement photos here. So, I decided to "go retro" today and post some of my favorites from their January session (there's no snow here yet ... just in case you wondered). 

It was a pretty chilly day, but it was a "now or never" sort of thing since Daniel was, at that time, stationed in New York with the Marines and only would be in Iowa on that visit for so long. 

Well, eleven months changes a lot! Daniel moved to Iowa in March once his term with the Marines was up, and he and Erin were married in May. (If you want to see their beautiful wedding photos, click HERE to head over to Wunderkind Gallery and see the work of the fabulously lovely Sarah Engle.) Oh, and did I mention that I got to be Erin's maid of honor? And, I should also mention, for any who may not know, that Erin is my sister. Favorite sister. :)

Anyway, here are a few from their January engagement! Starting with my absolute favorite ring shot....

Aren't they cute?

Yep, they're drinking coffee - I didn't have to ask them to smile for that shot. ;)

Hope you enjoyed that little flash back. Now, to return to the present ... I have some (very spiffy) family photos to edit! Woot!


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