William | Nine Months | Des Moines, IA Photographer

Mr. William. What a charmer this little guy is. And when he turns on the smiles? Oh my goodness! It's almost too much.

I've been so blessed by this family. I've known Catherine for years, and had the chance to do maternity photos with her and Luke when William was on the way. Then he came along and redefined cute. Oh. My. Yes, this little man has the looks and the personality to go with them.

Oh, and just to explain the slight climate change you may notice as you scroll, these were taken just last month. Yes. These were taken in February. In Iowa.


But, we had to capture William's just-too-stylish snowsuit before it was out of season, or he was too big. (There was a while there where I was afraid that snowsuits would always be in season in Iowa. Spring will come. I know it will.) So, we did a few out in the "real" Iowa February; and though the smiles were worn out, the cute just kept coming.

Brace yourself....



  1. Too say that these are beautiful doesn't even cut it, Sadie! UH-mazing!!!! LOVE these!
    I don't think I've met him yet. Tragic? I know right!
    Wow... wow...wow...
    LOVE THESE! Eeeeeek!

    1. Aw, thanks! I loved how these came out, too! He's a darling little boy. :)


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