Josh | Senior | Pella, IA Photographer

I've learned about more than just photography since I've gotten into this business. My goal is always to capture the personality of my subjects, and senior pictures, especially, seem to bring together the diversity in a persons life. In order to capture that well, I like to ask my clients about some of these important parts of their story that they want to incorporate. And, doing Josh's photos, I learned a little more about a couple of his interests - hunting and track; plus, I got to take advantage of the incredible backdrops of Pella, once again. Love that town, and love the way these came together.


  1. awesome work!! love how you captured him with his interests.

  2.! I LOVE these, Sadie!! These are magazine worthy. The lighting, the poses, all the different locations... So good. Btw, is that a Bailey? He looks very familiar.

    1. Thanks, Kaylee! Yep, this is a Bailey! :)


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