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A little over a month ago I was thinking. And, not just thinking, but praying. Praying for some direction in some areas where I just wasn't sure were to go, or what to do next. Manifold Grace Photography was one of those areas. I felt like I needed something - something to help me keep going through the rough spots of running your own business, something to help me with the things I just wasn't sure how to tackle, something other than Google to answer my questions ... something. I was getting overwhelmed in some areas, and wasn't sure where to go from here.

It turns out that the something I was hoping for was a someone. Just a couple days after mulling over all these things, and asking the Lord for some direction, Hannah messaged me on Facebook. I've know Hannah since we were kids (well, technically - we've only really connected the last couple years, but our families have know each other for a couple decades), and have loved and admired her photography, style, and general enthusiasm. So when I saw her message, which was something like, "Hey, I'm going to be doing a photography workshop at the end of July. Would you be interested?" I was floored. It was almost freaky that she would out of the blue come up with exactly the sort of thing I was needing! But, in truth, it wasn't freaky at all. It was God working through her to help give me some of that very clear direction and help I had been aching for.

So, I cleared my calendar for that weekend, and excitedly headed out to meet with Hannah and the other wonderful young ladies who attended and assisted with the day-long workshop. It was full of blessing, refreshing, and so many helpful insights (not to mention amazing food!). I can't wait to incorporate the things I learned into my business and interactions with my clients! If you want to see more of what we did and learned, you can check out Hannah's recap of the day by clicking HERE.

Thanks, Hannah, for a truly wonderful, educational, inspiring day!

Photo courtesy of Hannah Elise


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