Jenna | Senior | Des Moines, IA Photographer

With my sweet friend and fellow photographer, Sarah, moving out of state, I'm left feeling a little sad, though happy for her family's new adventure. I'm very thankful for the time I had Sarah as my "country neighbor" and photography mentor! And, with Sarah moving on to a new territory, she's been passing some of her Des Moines photography requests my way.

And that's how I came to meet this lovely senior, Jenna!

So, once I got the wasp out of my car so I could actually drive safely to meet up with Jenna (that's a long, terrifying story of heroism right there), I was so excited that, not only did we have a gorgeous day, with lots of great mid-summer scenery, but also that she was such a sweet, beautiful, agreeable model to work! Plus, Jenna had her mom and sister along for the ride (and also to help carry extra outfits/color guard gear that you'll see here!), and they helped make the event super special and a whole lot of fun!

Thank you for a wonderful time, Jenna!

(Second color guard senior I've gotten to photograph! So fun!)


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